Part of Unlocking Stereotypes project & group exhibition (2023) 
For this exhibition I reflected on the concept of migration and coexistence in society focusing on underwater ecosystems as an encouragement to the majority to think deeply about internalized racism and the difficulties faced by minorities. The origin of the water lily traces the roots of the Roma minority, always wrongly assumed by the majority throughout time. The detail from the famous Abduction from the Seraglio highlights further this moment of migration. The strip of portraits plays with the double meaning of the word cliché (literal photographic cliché and also it’s meaning as an overused unthoughtful idea) criticizing the depiction of Roma minorities in a negative way. I made this project to question the mentality of the majority of Romanians, that I am also part of. This combination of techniques is conceptually connected making a parallel between the immediacy of things (photography) and the meditation upon them (drawing)