Project developed during Acasa la Hundorf art residency (2023)
I came to Hundorf village with the idea of focusing on documenting the cohabitation of several ethnic groups in the same place. The bridge next to the old school became a key place in this documentary where teenagers from different parts of the village intersect their groups and stories.
I started by documenting the daily life of young people in the village, and then I discovered their passions. From the passion for hairstyling of one of the teenagers (Fabian), I developed a small performance in which the willow tree by the bridge is braided directly with his friend's hair as sign of continuous regeneration.
The cyanotypes made in the end resemble some X-rays of the willow near the old school where I found abandoned materials for natural science classes.
Their hair braiding process became intertwined also with love stories that became personally related to my own experiences. I made a video about this encounters trying to find peace with my own failed romantic experiences.
Fabian wants to be a hairstylist, he has a bird of peace tattooed on one hand and a scratched heart on the other. Fabian's hairstyling skills literally and figuratively intertwines with the plants in the village.
Braiding Hair in the Willow Tree performance &
Series of cyanotypes from the braided willow tree