Multimedia installation
The project aims to interrogate the stereotypical mentality and social segregation resulting from prejudice in the Romanian territory towards Roma women, starting from clothing expression and cultural appropriation of a heritage by mass consumption.
People photographed are born and  work in Romania in different domains like medicine, police, music or political sciences. The picture uses an inauthentic and exoticizing “gypsy” textile material that emphasizes ignorant cliche assumptions from the collective imaginary machine about the history of the protagonists, highlighting their daily experience.
This project unweaves the mechanism of prejudices and challenges the stereotypical generalization bringing to the fore daily experiences of these girls.

UNWEAVING STEREOTYPES it’s been developed within LIFE LONG BURNING 2020, at WASP Working Art Space and Production.
Video The machinery of stereotyping is rigid and persistent, it creates a protective veil of ignorance based on imaginary assumptions. Sound translation below ↓
*Florentina is a student at Political Sciences in Englis, Faculty of Political Sciences Bucharest
Isabela (left) is a national celebrity for her incredible voice and Lavinia (right) is a police officer at the airport
Isabela (left) is an opera singer becoming already a celebrity, Lavinia (right) is a police officer at the airport, her positivity on life transcends the photograph; asking her about any discriminatory event that might have happened to her she chose to tell me that she always sees the good in people and doesn't want to concentrate on the rest. 
Florentina (above) accepted to collaborate with me and write me testimony on her experience of being a Roma student in Romania. Her words are worth more than any mainstream media news about Roma people.
Mihaela works in medical health care system, she is very dedicated and she was recently promoted
On view at WASP Working Art Space and Production, Wednesday-Saturday (15:00 – 19:00), until 15th of November, 2020, only by email appointment: /