This series documents one of the most well-known spots in Bucharest: Rahova Flower-Market. I am focusing on male flower sellers as their macho look contrasts with their sensitive craft of working with flowers. Even tough they are showing off muscles and toughness, speaking with them I discovered under the manly shell, emotions resonating with the bouquets sold and mythical knowledge about symbolic flower meanings, making me see them more as ancient Cupids. This documentary is also an observation of toxic masculinity and male mental health, encouraging soft emotions associated with feminine behavior not to be repressed by men. Recently this landmark place owned by Romani people in Bucharest has been evacuated by the police due to political interests taking advantage of the pandemic time when people's attention was distracted. I associate this banning of the market's authenticity with the social pressure of conforming to stereotypes and not being oneself.
Exhibition at Diploma Festival 2020. Photos by Roald Aron.